Bionova Auto-reader incubator with 12+1 positions LCD Screen

1 /enhet IC10/20FRLCD

IC10/20FRLCD / Auto-Reader Incubator For incubation and readout of Rapid, Super Rapid or Ultra Rapid Biological Indicators and Hygiene Monitoring Systems with 3.5″ touchscreen display.

For incubation and readout of:

  • Bionova® Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT220 (Steam): 3 hs. at 60 ºC, BT221 (Steam): 1 h. at 60 ºC and BT110 (EO): 4 hs. at 37 ºC, BT102 (Formaldehyde): 2 hs. at 60 ºC. BT95 (VH2O2): 2 hs. at 60ºC.
  • Bionova® Super Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT222 (Steam): 1 h. at 60 ºC, BT223 (Steam): 30 min. at 60 ºC, BT96 (VH2O2): 30 min. at 60ºC. Bionova® Ultra Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT224 (Steam): 20 min. at 60ºC.
  • Chemdye® PRO1 MICRO Pen Protein System: 15 min at 60 ºC .


12 metal positions (3.8 cm deep, 0.9 cm diameter) to incubate Rapid/Super Rapid/Ultra Rapid Fluorescence Readout Self-contained biological indicators.

1 metal position (3.8 cm deep, 1.0 cm diameter) to incubate Protein Pen.

Special hole for external thermometer.

1 ampoule crusher.

3.5 ” touchscreen LCD. Visual information of the remaining time of the incubation process.

Temperature display on the screen and remaining time for each position.

Dual Temperature System: Allows selecting between two different incubation temperatures (37ºC y 60ºC).

Allows running different incubation times simultaneously, provided they are of equal incubation temperature.

Audible alarm for event indications. ETHERNET connection for recording results on PC using a Reading and Traceability software.

Remote display of the screen in PC and Smartphones.

It stores the last 208 results.

Thermal Printer of Results. Allows reprinting the last 208 results.

Automatic detection and cancelation of biological indicator fluorescence reading.

Firmware update by the user.

-Fluorescence reading wave length: ~ 460 nm

-Dimensions: 18.0 cm high, 26.0 cm diameter.

-Weight: 1.92 Kg.

-Voltage range: 100 €“ 240 V AC

-Power: 28 W

-Frequency: 50-60 Hz


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