3.5min Helix test kit for steam

250 st /enhet
Art.nr: KH2X15-3.5Y/P

Type 2 Chemical Indicator. Helix-PCD Plastic capsule of great resistance and durability, to hold a Chemical Indicator designed for this system. The capsule is connected to a high resistance plastic tube of 1.5 m length (see catalogue for other lengths) and 2 mm internal diameter. Special silicone connector coated by external connector.

KH2X15-3.5Y/P / Helix-PCD + Test strips Kit for Steam sterilization processes: 3,5 min.134° C. Load release. Plastic capsule. Plastic tube of 1,5 m and 2 mm internal diameter. 1 cotton bag + 250 strips PCD-A-3.5Y Turns from Yellow to Black. EN 867-5, ISO 11140-1 Type 2.

Process Challenge Device for Steam sterilization processes control. For safe release of hollow loads. Conditions: 3.5 min at 134 ºC.

Initial color: yellow. Final color: dark brown/black


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