BAX® System Real-Time PCR Assay Staphylococcus aures

96 st. /låda KIT2020

Catalog Number | KIT2020
Targets | Staphylococcus aureus
PCR Time | 70 min
Certificates | AOAC-RI PTM

96 PCR tubes with tablets (1 bag of 12 x 8 strips)
96 flat optical caps (12 x 8 strips)
1 bottle of protease (400 µL)
2 bottles of lysis buffer (12 mL)

Food processors and associated laboratories can use the BAX® System as a quick and reliable method for detecting Staphylococcus aureus in food. This real-time PCR assay was designed to report yes/no results for S. aureus at concentrations as low as 104 cfu/mL after enrichment. In addition to determining the presence/absence of S. aureus, this assay can be used to determine threshold values by modifying the sample preparation protocol. As tested with milk- and soy-based powdered infant formula, positive results indicate the presence of S. aureus in concentrations as low as 1 cfu/g. As tested with ground beef and soy protein isolate, positive results indicate the presence of S. aureus in concentrations of at least 10 cfu/g, consistent with plate counts currently used in the industry. With a processing time of approximately 70 minutes in the BAX® System Q7 instrument, the method returns results comparable to culture methods, but with a significantly faster time to result. The BAX® System is designed for use by qualified lab personnel who follow standard microbiology laboratory practices, including the safe handling and disposal of potentially pathogenic materials.


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