BAX® System PCR Assay Salmonella

96 st. /låda KIT2012

Catalog Number | KIT2012
Targets | Salmonella sp.
PCR Time | 3 hrs, 30 min
Certificates | AOAC, AFNOR, NordVal, Health Canada

Kit Contents
96 PCR tubes with tablets (1 bag of 12 x 8 strips)
96 flat optical caps (12 x 8 strips)
1 bottle of protease (400 µL)
2 bottles of lysis buffer (12 mL)

Food processors and associated laboratories can use the BAX® System as a quick and reliable method for detecting Salmonella in a variety of foods and environmental surfaces. Both PCR assay’s (Salmonella and Salmonella 2) were designed to report yes/no results for Salmonella spp. at concentrations as low as 104 cfu/mL after enrichment. The difference in the Salmonella 2 PCR assay is a proprietary “hot-start” technology in the PCR tablets, which keeps the reaction enzyme inactive until PCR begins. This improvement greatly reduces the opportunity for nonspecific PCR product to form and improves the specificity of the assay while requiring no change to the protocol. With a processing time of approximately 3.5 hours in the
BAX® System Q7 instrument, the method returns results comparable to culture methods, but with a significantly faster time to result. BAX® Systems are designed for use by qualified lab
personnel who follow standard microbiology laboratory practice, including the safe handling and disposal of potentially pathogenic materials. The laboratory must comply with good laboratory practice (see ISO 7218 standard).


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