BAX® System PCR Assays for Yeast & Mold

96 st. /låda KIT2015

Catalog Number | KIT2015
Targets | Yeast and Mold
PCR Time | 3 hrs 30 min
Certificates | AOAC-RI PTM

96 PCR tubes with tablets (1 bag of 12 x 8 strips)
96 flat optical caps (12 x 8 strips)
1 bottle of protease (400 µL)
2 bottles of YM lysis buffer (12 mL)

Yeast and mold cause various degrees of deterioration and decomposition of many food products. Although these bacteria do not cause many human illnesses, they are spore formers that can release toxins once ingested. Moreover, yeast and molds can negatively impact the shelf life and appeal of any product, thus causing economic losses. Compared to conventional methods that take up to 7 days, the BAX® System PCR assay for Yeast and Mold provides results in two days for enriched products, and same-day results when product is direct tested. The protocols associated with this assay are customizable for actionable thresholds, proving the true power and robustness of PCR technology.


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