About us

Hygiene Diagnostics AB is a swedish consulting company started in 2016 that specializes in hygiene control and cleaning validation. We offer services and rapid test methods. The office is situated in Knivsta, close to Stockholm/Arlanda airport.


Our goal and vision

Our goal is to prevent contamination and the spread of infectious diseases in our society and in our communities. This can be achieved by means of our diagnostic solutions for quality control and quality assurance of cleaning and disinfection. Our vision is to be the nordic leader in hygiene control.

Products for hygiene and infection control

Hygiene Diagnostics is able to offer a niche product portfolio that almost entirely covers most customers' needs for hygiene and cleanliness testing. The flagship is 3Ms Clean-Trace™ which is the world leading ATP system for hygiene monitoring. Since the start of 2017 we are proud to be the authorized distributor in Sweden of 3Ms hygiene control products including Clean-Trace™, Petrifilm™ and Dipslide.

In 2020 we became the official distributor of Terragene® products in cleaning, disinfection and sterilization monitoring. Top brands include BIONOVA®, Chemdye® and Integron®. 

In 2020 we also became the official distributor of Hygiena® food safety producs for allergens, mycotoxins and pathogens which inludes the famous BAX®. This award-winning pathogen detection system is a fast and accurate method for detecting pathogens and other organisms in food and environmental samples. This is the latest milestone in our company history that will see us further develop our expertise in the area of infection control and food safety.

Diagnostic services

The company's core competencies include rapid test methods, standardized visual inspection and validation methods. Our knowledge allows us to offer our customers turnkey diagnostic solutions and specialist services. Moreover, we provide a broad range of supporting courses for our methods and different cleaning standards.

All our services are firmly based on established practices from our many years of successful consulting experience in the pharma, food and health care sector. Poor hygiene involves high risks and excessive costs. We help our customers to prevent these problems which ultimately always pays off.

We are always looking for partners and new exciting solutions for hygiene control. Please send us an e-mail or phone our office: +46 18 470 4490